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The mobel sit concept represents our enduring commitment to improving people's wellbeing through seating. 

The office is undergoing a revolution. No longer a simple workplace, it is now the hub of the corporate space; a place of meeting, creating, debating and interacting. And people are the beating heart of this hub.

mobel sit takes an integrative approach to people and the needs of the office of today, defining five spaces: work, flex, social, meeting and guest.

Welcome and Nice to sit you.
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Personalised work spaces designed with different user profiles in mind.
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Fixed meeting areas designed for creating, sharing, discussing and decision-making.
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Flexible, multifunctional, ad-hoc meeting spaces, designed for creating, sharing and discussing.
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Open-plan shared spaces designed for relaxing, unwinding, eating or simply waiting.
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A space within the Work space, designed for receiving visitors or quickly getting together with colleagues for close discussions.
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