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Mobel Linea

Office furniture bringing together people and well-being

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Since 1976 we have been giving our best to become what we are today. We'll tell you in less than 2 minutes.
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Our history

We are a family company with ambition and experience.
MOBEL LINEA, S.L. was created by Ramon Balcells, Jaume Salvadó and Manel Sàrries in 1976 in Cervera, province of Lleida (Spain).
From the outset, our aim has been to provide quality practical, functional and innovative solutions to transform workspaces into productive, collaborative and comfortable ecosystems whilst always providing the value that sets us apart: excellent service.

Founding of Mobel Linea

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SEGRE series launch

An innovative series that opens the doors to the European market
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Construction of Mobel III, a new manufacturing unit

Expansion of the production area, separating the treatment of metal and wood structures.
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Inauguration of the automated warehouse

The automated warehouse covers 192,000 m³ and is 41 m high. It has the capacity to manage 33,000 europallets to ensure that the traceability of all products can be fully tracked.
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Mobel III expansion and marketing of metal cabinets

To expand the product catalogue to include metal cabinets, the area covered by production plants is now 60,000 m².
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The BROS seating series won the 2021 IF DESIGN AWARD. A jury of 93 experts from around the world selected it from 10,000 applications from 52 different countries.
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RB launch

A series that pays tribute to the founder of Mobel Linea Ramon Balcells and that offers a new way of understanding the office by paying attention to both aesthetics and engineering.
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Birth of Mobel Sit

Where people and spaces connect, a new way to understand seating. Welcome and Nice to sit you.
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Launch of the Home Office Lite collection

Dynamic solutions for the home and office with Room Divider, Office Pod and Shelving System. Room Divider is awarded first prize at the prestigious international CETEM DESIGN AWARD competition.
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Industry 4.0

Our facilities and human resources have experienced progressive growth and have adapted to the times to create a 4.0 production system that incorporates automation, efficiency and innovation.

Our industrial complex covers an area of 60,000 m², divided into two units: One is used for metal work and is equipped with a 1,200 m² paint tunnel, and the other deals with wood and seat-making, with an area of 2,000 m² for upholstery.
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Our office furniture conception, design and development process is guided by Ecodesign principles to reduce the environmental impact of our products throughout their life cycle. We apply various strategies to support our firm commitment to sustainability.
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Customer satisfaction is rooted in our DNA, which is why we monitor the quality of all our products and services on a daily basis.
Our quality management system is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard, and we have an excellent customer service policy to build customer-manufacturer loyalty. Our customer support service is reactive and proactive, and we always anticipate problems and offer solutions.
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Environmental responsibility

Our commitment to protecting the environment is rigorous and transparent. All our products and manufacturing processes are designed with a focus on respect for the natural environment. We use renewable energies and recyclable materials such as cardboard, reuse water to minimise consumption and have planted local flora at our facilities that does not need much water.
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Commercial Network

Thanks to our commercial network of representatives and distributors, MOBEL LINEA, S.L. is present in four continents and more than 80 countries. Although our main market niche is in Europe, we are also present in the Middle East, Africa and South America.
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